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All seems to be progressing well but look what will happen when the man Groom? The Painter and the Connoisseur , c After the experience of the Bruegel room it was difficult to focus on anything else, but we walked over to the Albertina where we saw a pretty stunning exhibition of masterpieces by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Nolde and Kirchner in a new gallery that houses a collection donated recently by Herbert and Rita Batliner.

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About us. Extra text: There has been much conjecture as to the identity of the groom in this painting. Whereas in his earlier engraved work Bruegel represented the Vices as elaborate allegories peopled by Boschian monsters, here human weakness is commented on in an understated, naturalistic and humorous manner.

A clergyman — a Franciscan Friar in his hooded robe — is also at the table.

When we think about that kind of anthropologist, few maybe sometimes may think about a view that's very distant, but I don't feel that with Bruegel. Legal information Date of the last UpDate of this page: You can hear the roar of conversation, the voices well-oiled with beer shouting for more.

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However, it seems likely that, in addition to the obvious celebration of peasant life, the picture has a moral dimension - the celebration of the sacrament of marriage has simply become an excuse for self-indulgence. Up Next. A man in your 80s? Where is the Bridegroom?

Netherlandish Proverbs is populated by wayward villagers acting out popular proverbial sayings while The Battle Between Carnival and Lent depicts traditional customs of the Carnival period in an urban square. My guess is that's beer.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Peasant Wedding

Hidden categories: Male Voiceover: He seems unaware of the admiring young man at his elbow, who, in rapt attention, is learning how to play the difficult instrument. Sign In Sign Out. Liverpool University Press. One of 25 paintings sent from Flanders to Queen Isabel de Bourbon.

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Renaissance paintings of peasants Eating in paintings paintings s paintings in Austria Paintings of dining Peasants in 16th century art Paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder in the Kunsthistorisches Museum 16th-century way of life depictions by Pieter Bruegel the Elder 16th-century foods, drinks and cooking Peasant weddings in art Wedding banquets in art 16th-century paintings of weddings. Like this: A woman is grills waffles over a wood fire, while one of the men gambling at dice has tied three waffles to his head.

Art so often focuses on the lives of kings, of biblical figures, of saints and martyrs, but what about everyday people?