Morinda Lucida: Antioxidant and Reducing Activities of Crude Methanolic Stem Bark Extract

Research has revealed evidence in support of some of Morinda citrifolia's traditional uses. Traditional use of Morinda citrifolia as a natural immune stimulant and antibiotic was supported by a study published in the July issue of the journal "Pharmaceutical Bulletin. Equally, Olajide et al.

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Presence and colours of any precipitate were noted. Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine in Africa. Singh, P. Report of the Regional Director: Tundis, M.

Morinda lucida - Useful Tropical Plants

Table 2: Poaceae , and the wasp Dinarmus basalis Rondani Hymenoptera: Evans, Thirty-six, young in-bred adult male white albino Wistar rats g were randomly allotted to 6 groups.

Percentage inhibition. Alam, and M. The insecticidal activity was evaluated as described by Ilboudo et al.

Effects of Morinda lucida leaf extract on Trypanosoma brucei brucei infection in mice.

Follow on LinkedIn. Plant identification and authentication has earlier been done. On the other hand, vaccine-induced hyperthermia was used to determine the antipyretic activity of M. Ecology The tree mostly grows in open places with lots of light such as roadsides and fields. The result was recorded after 5 min.

A superb, if terse, resource, it is also available electronically on the Web - see http: NIH Publication No. It is concluded that the aqueous extract of the leaves of M. Petiole bases and remains of stipule. Earlier, Olajide et al. The insecticidal activity of the M.

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The effect of each fraction was on Fasting Blood Glucose FBG on the 1st, 8 and 15th day post-treatment was evaluated using glucose monitoring system. Liu et al. The main compounds of the essential oil were the oxygenated monoterpenoids, 1,8-cineole The aqueous extract of Morinda lucida did not prevent the formation of odema but facilitated the use of the leg, thus demonstrating analgesic activity whereas in the negative control saline-treated group there was total or complete demobilization.

In the present study, diabetes was fully established as evidenced by the significant p th day of the 2 nd phase of the experiment from their baseline values Table 2. View at Google Scholar D.