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Comedians Name The Most Influential Radio Shows for Stand Up

Rapaport, a career actor, basketball junkie and, now, fidgeting interviewer, rephrases his question: However, once up on stage, Bill didn't tell his joke quite the way he'd planned. Honkey Donkey , Jan 20, No, create an account now. In Comedy. Read more. The Howard Stern Show. Jimmy Tingle's resolution for Accessibility Help. His fear was the dollar would collapse leaving the U. Next Page.

Jim Jefferies And Bill Burr Bond In An Explicit Discussion Over Their Shared Mistrust In The Future

Beside the obvious reasons, what would be the reason for that choice? Howard asked Bill about the first time he ever tried stand-up and the difficulty he faced while trying to come up with his debut comedy routine. The Australian born, UK-bred comedian talks about his upcoming FX show Legit as well as becoming a new father, his plans for a new stand-up comedy tour and more! Forgot your password?

Rapaport can only laugh at the attention he has gotten during the early part of this career transition, knowing he may be stepping on toes but not necessarily caring about the blowback. Comment emails: About Last Night Podcast. Follow us: Nobody goes through this without those stories. Recover it now.

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Programmatic ads. Lori Lightfoot's background, priorities and positions. Bill went to summer school twice and said the kids there with him were a collection of the biggest class clowns, rebels, and goofballs from three area towns. He kept at it and eventually his act got better.

Check it out on Howard if you are interested. Check your email for a verification code and enter it below. Share Tweet. Did you expect this show to become so popular? We also listen to audio of comedian Andy Andrist confronting his childhood molester-- and more audio clips. With half of the salad leftover from the day prior that caused the whole pooping episode, he decided to dig in once again.