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Try these setups Blood Orange Slide Gloves - Knuckles Shark Wheels. First off we need to consider what sliding matrix we want to choose, there are many different options and it all will come down to price and availability and how far you want to slide.

High Society Longboard Slide Gloves Black Rayne Longboards

You're reviewing: Polycarbonate - you may recognize the name, its the formulation for bullet proof glass. A instead of the complicated instruction about work pieces. The best sliding gloves always have the glove part made of durable, flexible and very lightweight material to provide cushioning to your hand. It covers all the information you need to know about different skateboard slide gloves and how you can recognize the best sliding gloves among many, our pro recommendations are also up ahead, read on to find the perfect choice.

Timeship Racing. This material is used as a counter top material with great abraision resistance and great wear life. Stretch your body out and extend as your board begins to carve. It has also added UHMW palm and thumb pucks and hard plastic finger pucks for greater protection.

Keep your weight centered, knees bent, and your posture relaxed.

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Overall I am happy with the way the glove turned out, and can't wait to keep tearing it up! Independent Trucks. Helping sponsor events and races has allowed us to meet all the people we looked up to in the longboarding community before we started and we managed to have more friends to skate with than time to skate with them!

Though there are so many longboards slide gloves available on Amazon but the top rated ones are truly the best for enjoying your best ride ever! Reply 7 years ago on Introduction.

Hmmm, good one. Easy to clean and ready to use out of the box, these gloves might serve you as the best safety gear on your adventurous rides if you follow the safety rules properly, as these Sector 9 Rush slide gloves come with special protection for finger tips and knuckles. This is the part which makes sure that glove stays on your hand during your adventurous slides, as it tightens the glove over your wrist area.

This material does wear down faster similar to delrin, but its a great price point material, it can be had at your local mart in the form of cutting boards. Lush Freeride Gloves Black Lightweight, breathable construction with removable palm and finger pucks allows for the perfect Freeride and Slide Glove. Kaiven Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Its heavy-duty Velcro wrist strap ensures perfect fit for a comfortable ride without any fear of gloves coming off or breaking wrist in case of falling off.

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Moonshine MFG. Landyachts longboard. The low-price, soft but highly-resistant fabric makes them the best choice when you prefer affordability and comfort. Add to Cart.

Or, login to see your previously saved Watchlist. Timeship Ragdoll Glove - Red Our Ragdolls offer full protection from fingertip to wrist including knuckle protection, double stitched reinforcement in high stress areas and paired with the highest quality leather and Kevlar thumbs, these skateboard gloves will outlast any other skateboard glove on the market. Santa Cruz.

As your wheels drift on the pavement and come to a stop your board should drift in a degree angle. This might be your best choice considering all the amazing benefits it provides. Thunder Trucks. This epoxy had quick set up and it had great lateral properties but if it started to peel it was all over.

Evolve Electric. We test our products on humans.