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Advanced Codecs In practice, results are currently variable, and depend on the quality of the input signal and amount of processing power applied to the conversion. Posted 01 September - I was just acknowledging the fact that many people are quite happy with interlaced footage especially when you are using online services.

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At that point, a line NTSC signal was well beyond the graphics abilities of low cost computers, so these systems used a simplified video signal that made each video field scan directly on top of the previous one, rather than each line between two lines of the previous field.

Look up interlaced video in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. So I like what your saying, but is there a guide or suggestion on just how to do this with 60i video? Problem is, that is a lot of givens. Then conform to Thread Tools. For instance, a finely striped jacket on a news anchor may produce a shimmering effect. Remove Advertisements. My HF can record in 30p and 60i. Vegas , etc. I've checked the video, basically it is interlaced footage that has been flagged as progressive, looks like a problem in the creation of the final output before upload to YouTube.

I believe that given: Male Location: While there are simple methods to produce somewhat satisfactory progressive frames from the interlaced image, for example by doubling the lines of one field and omitting the other halving vertical resolution , or anti-aliasing the image in the vertical axis to hide some of the combing, there are sometimes methods of producing results far superior to these.

Found this guide , its very detailed and looks like a best of solution. That will change which field gets deinterlaced for that clip. However, when a still image is produced from an interlaced video tape recording, on most older consumer grade units the tape would be stopped and both heads would just repeatedly read the same field of the picture, essentially halving the vertical resolution until playback proceeds.

I suppose I should be targeting Mar Location: This reduces flicker and makes for a brighter picture. Mark Forums Read. Is i stuff still treated to prevent flickering, given that it'll be post-processed to progressive anyway?

If the device were made to record progressive scanned video, the switchover of the heads would fall in the middle of the picture and appear as a horizontal band.

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Sony 1080/60i stored as 30p? Confused.

Providing the best picture quality for interlaced video signals requires expensive and complex devices and algorithms. On one track, deinterlace the clip s to the "odd" fields. It saves steps, and time, and time, after all, especially these days, is money. Something is wrong with your playback software if you are seeing interlacing combing like that or the stream has been encoded incorrectly before upload and doesn't contain the correct flags, as it should be de-interlaced for you.

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