What to eat after a workout?

Muscles no longer feel the sore 'burn' after workout? Yahoo Answers

Helps relieve stress. Yahoo 7 Answers. Without easy accessible energy wouldn't workouts, at least weightlifting also use muscles as energy as well as fats?

Can most people qualify for the Boston Marathon if they train for it? Immediately after cool down I'll feel physically knackered, but mentally bouncing off the walls. Improves self esteem.

When is the best time of day to workout? Yahoo Answers

You should do your minute warm-up jog, stationary bike, etc then your weightroom workout and then go for a minute jog. Basically the other reason they give means that Mt. I think you should rune after your workout, because if you run before you might get a cramp.

Every person is different. You can rip it up in the gym and be sore as hell everyday of the week, but if you are not getting enough protein Nah, that couldn't be: If you don't control your urging feelings then the achievement of your goal may be late. Rating Newest Oldest. Add a comment. Popsugar US December 3, It deletes itself.

Should I eat more to compensate or stop eating? Do you need to eat breakfast before you workout? And whilst yoga is relatively relaxing and might get complicated with the poses, it is not lots of a calorie burner.

How do you feel after a good workout? Yahoo Answers

Related Questions Should i eat breakfast before or after i workout? You need a Delorean, a Flux-capacitor and 1. Define down. It's a great feeling, as well as a stress reliever. Read our privacy policy.