What's it like to be a Knight at Medieval Times?

I have never seen joy drain out of someone's face that quickly in my life.

How is the winning knight determined at Medieval Times? Is it by loudest cheering section?

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Thanks to out-of-town visitors I once attended Medieval times 3 times in one week. It can get pretty exhausting. Spanish purebreds are selected primarily because of their medieval heritage. Carey Cole. Indeed, the term joust meant "a meeting" and referred to arranged combat in general, not just the jousting with lances.

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They were drunk when they showed up and continued to drink heavily throughout the show. You say you did 2 shows on the weekends. In the NEW show, started about two years ago, we had to start wearing metal pauldrons on our shoulders. In my 8 year old mind I couldn't piece together the logistics of how it was acceptable to have someone die every single show. I'll always miss the good times.

I used to go to these in czech republic when I was a kid and still remember how bloody amazing they were! As their special guests before the show, we sat and observed the knights practicing with their horses. That female would only be able to play that one role. BEST accident story was during the flag game, where we're tossing flags back and forth to each other from horseback.

So the flag was stuck between the ground and me, and I'm on a horse cantering forward, and apparently the ground didn't want to lose that fight.

Ladies often gave favours or tokens a scarf or a flower or part of their sleeve for their favourite knight to wear. I started when I was 24, but I wasn't the oldest guy there by a long shot.

For the most part, that's broken into an hour or so of riding for the squires and as a refresher for the knights followed by fight practice. Thank you for supporting the brands that make A Cupful possible!

How did medieval knights fight?

Tereza March 21, at 9: The Stechzeug in particular developed into extremely heavy armour which completely inhibited the movement of the rider, in its latest forms resembling an armour-shaped cabin integrated into the horse armour more than a functional suit of armour. We have more than one set of knights, so one knight rarely ends up doing all three shows. And distorting my views of the world. I'm doing this and that now, nothing super steady. Show Details 2 hour medieval jousting tournament 6 competing knights Real weapons Beautiful horses Live flight of the royal falcon.

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