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I've tried using a Shield a few times, however I find I survive better with the extra attack speed, which effects my spirit gain and life-on-hit. Rentari-auchindoun English US. Sweeping Wind with Inner Storm - This is what you need to keep up during big fights all the time. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. If your Stagger damage is getting high, though, use Purifying Brew to clear it. About Wowpedia Disclaimers Mobile view. The monk class can be played by all races except goblins , worgen , and Lightforged draenei:.

Challenge Ranking. Way of the Hundred Fists with Spirited Salvo - The reason I use this is because of the massive spirit regeneration it grants you. But I figured people would like to see something working at least! Dec 15, Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Jul 21, I am currently in Act3 Hell with 24k health and am able to stand toe to toe with most elite packs and not be worried.

Cyclone Strike: Warlords of Draenor Follower Guide. Hinamori-terokkar Hinamori I aim for high armor pieces to get my armor as sky high as possible. Staggering Patch 8.

Brother Korloff. One nice thing about this spec with at least a 1. Ji Firepaw. Toxicsagrath-baelgun Toxicsagrath Guilds ranking. Dashing Strike with the Flying Side Kick rune to pick up stragglers, stop runners, and stun those hard hitting enemies. Hard In The Paint. The stream is up on Twitch if you want to watch. W a r rior. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Dexterity because its the Monk's main dps stat, and it has the added benefit of adding to my armor when used with Seize the Initiative.

I've have a good amount of success with my monk tank build, it allowed me to solo hell. Contact Us. Sign up using Facebook.

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Inner Sanctuary is used anytime the environment is suitable for blocking the path to my DPS, when I'm trapped between enemies and need a way out, or when I'm taking too much damage since I use the Circle of Protection rune.

I just want to say that I was having some issues with inferno, was tanking but not how I felt I should. Monks world's apart in pvp too. For the rest of my gear I stack resistance I picked arcane cause I'm lazy and it's at the top of the search by list for armor and resistance to all on the same piece of gear for maximum resistances. Instead of you going to them, or them coming to you, you meet in the middle. As the tank, dieing is bad, so I feel this is a must on harder difficulties at least until I can get k hp.