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We must speak the name of sound engineer and holy sonic guru Jim Anderson. Well, get ready for more of that.

91X, 1985 & ME

My willpower collapses absolutely; my desire to hear Autechre — anything by Autechre — is gone. We currently don't have any genres associated with this song. The best recordings mix themselves, so to speak. RT fbs Oh, right, Jaki Byard.

I think one of the things Sub Pop had going for them is that they weren't really trying to do anything on a national level. Then I can let go of it and hear it as a whole, instead of a bunch of individual parts that I'm trying to bring together. The diluvial nature of modern media leaves us little time to pause. Energetic Happy Hypnotic.

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I read lyric sheets and thank-you lists. Log in to Reply. The best stuff I recall from that first year was all music related, of course. Post to Cancel. Why does direct engagement with a work of art suddenly feel like a fruitless attempt at multitasking? Why do you love piccolos so much? Mics hear things differently than people do. Mourning [A] BLKstar hopes its sophomore album sparks a movement.

Perhaps if I'd holed myself up in a remote cabin and attempted the experiment in isolation, it might have yielded different results, but short of a Twilight Zone , Burgess Meredith-as-lone survivor-of-thermonuclear-war scenario, such a setting would merely be a simulation and would thus defeat the purpose, not to mention almost certainly result in recidivism the moment I reunited with my iPod.

For one thing, the news is usually bad. I recall my dentist, who couldn't help interrupting his drilling to periodically consult his iPhone during my recent visit to have a cavity filled.

No one wanted to let the new kid into their circle so I wanted my parents to drive me to my old neighborhood every weekend. I checked my email. I'm an advocate of keeping it regular and letting the listener turn up the music.

Central Saloon. Most popular. I remained indoors and had to be reminded to take regular meals.

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This site uses cookies. According to the Wikipedia: That might make me uninformed and ignorant, but I'll tell you what, I sleep a lot better than you do. I recorded all the parts myself; it was basically three or four songs.