How to Remove Concrete Fasteners

Place the fixture over the drop in anchor and thread the bolt through the fixture and into the drop in anchor. Use with machine screws. Wedge Anchors. The hole can be drilled while the fixture is in place. Hilti HSL and HSL-3 anchors deliver heavy-duty performance for applications ranging from heavy equipment mounting to dynamic high-safety applications in nuclear power plants.

Hot dipped galvanized steel A low carbon steel for general use. More From TOH. Properly sized ANSI carbide bits must be used to drill the holes for lag shield anchors. To use, drill a slightly oversize hole and push the spring-loaded toggle through. Drop-in anchors Hilti drop-in anchor installation systems let you use one tool to drill and set internally threaded anchors in half the time and with half the effort. A hardened steel alloy blue coated for moderate corrosion resistance. Temporarily secure the ledger board to the correct location against the concrete wall using concrete screws or temporary supports.

To see account specific prices and content, please choose appropriate account. The hole should be deep enough so the lag screw doesn't bottom out. Undercut anchors Work with confidence in the most demanding, safety-critical fastening applications—while you facilitate fast, reliable installation.

Lag Screw Shield. The design of the strike anchor doesn't allow for them to be pounded into a base material. Machine screw anchors require a setting tool to install. A straightforward job. A quick and easy way to fasten in light to medium duty applications. Run a bead of silicon.

Toggle Wing Anchors: For drilling in masonry, you will need carbide-tipped bits designed for the work. For large jobs, step up from your rotary drill and use a percussion drill, sometimes called a hammer drill tool-rental outlets usually carry them.

Ideal in salt water and chlorine environments. Lag shields A medium duty anchor for use in concrete, brick, or a mortar joint. Worked great just what the doctor ordered and at a great price and delivery was on time!

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You'll need to drill a hole in the base material. Toggle Toggle bolts are intended for use on hollow masonry materials, such as concrete block. Similar to lag shields anchors, these devices are designed to securely anchor high loads to concrete or other masonry materials.

Pre-cut anchor rods for chemical anchoring We offer a broad portfolio of high quality pre-cut Hilti anchor rods that enable you to complete your chemical anchoring applications efficiently, hassle-free, without compromising your budget Compare your options.

How to Install Concrete Fasteners CONFAST

You won't need any anchors, pins, sleeves or hammers to get the job done. A two-piece machine thread anchor for use in stone, brick, or concrete. As the name suggests, concrete screws are specially designed for anchoring into concrete, brick, and block. Our hollow wall anchors provide reliable support for anchoring and hanging in drywall or plaster.