Live-blogging Doctor Who, Season Three: "The Lazarus Experiment"

It can't be the same guy. On the desk is a replica of Michaelangelo's David, and a model of a cathedral is on a stand. The play is on. Maybe you are older than you look. Community Showcase More. I think putting the images together took longer than actually picking the quotes. She returns the sonic screwdriver to the Doctor. Start a Wiki.

The Lazarus Experiment

Martha meets the Doctor, who explains he was taught how to play piano by Ludwig van Beethoven. So, this Lazarus, he's your boss? Head down the stairs. However, before the Tenth Doctor can bid farewell to her, he hears Professor Richard Lazarus announcing that he'll "change what it means to be human. Leo, look at me. This isn't about improving. Series 6: Lazarus, back from the dead. Hypersonic sound waves to destabilise the cell structure, then a metagenic programme to manipulate the coding in the protein strands.

Samuel claps along with them, his fingers splayed wide just like them: Look at yourself. You're too young. So many different choices that nature could have picked for us.. Lazarus lunges for Martha, who runs.


Suddenly, all heads turn as glass shatters and Lazarus appears on a balcony overlooking the reception area, roaring. She'll be all right. Tish, is there another way out of here? It is a tight squeeze for two inside. I was only calling to say that your sister's on TV. Always happens with this kind of process. The people in that room will represent billions of pounds worth of potential investment.

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Did you hear that? Do you think he's in here?

Lazarus has to keep stopping as he mutates. He told me.