How to Write a Significant Antitrust or Appellate Brief

If your point on appeal rests on a statute, quote the statute first, and put a copy of the statute in your appendix or attached to your brief. Judge Gurfein 2d Cir. More Advice Centers. This is pleasant in this fictional exclusive dealing case, of course, because the trial judge decided in our favor.

Essay Writing Tip -- Thesis Statements: ENGL& F16 - ENGLISH COMPOSITION I

Get rid of any overstatement. How do I know when to stop? Seyfarth Synopsis: Editing is essential! Paragraphs should never, well hardly ever, be more than short sentences. It is best to concentrate your reading, at least for each individual brief, rather than reading a few pages here and there between calls. Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. Family and Matrimonial.

White, "The Elements of Style," Macmillan, 3d rev.

Tips on Writing Your Thesis Statement

If there are no Florida cases on point, acknowledge this before discussing cases from other jurisdictions. The Research and the Cases Rarely do you start legal research from scratch; nor should you. Secondarily, the Complaint may have a persuasive or narrative function - when it is framed with more detail.

Do not overwrite. Consumer Protection. For example, in a case involving the special relationship doctrine in torts, in which New York case law has identified four elements for meeting its requirements knowledge, assumption of duty, direct contact, reliance , plaintiffs and defendants should include facts in the Statement that tend to support or disprove these elements.

You must plan your time to leave ample time to edit. Some start with the reply brief to get a feel for what the case is about. This is a tough question, as you could research for a really long time and blow past the deadlines.

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Topic sentences are key here. Topic sentence at the start of each paragraph should provide both transition and mapping. When discussing case law, analyze it. Even when working within the more specialized modes and genres of legal writing, it's important for advocates to cultivate a sensibility about storytelling and language that is literary. The reader should be able to get a clear sense of "what happened," though the choice of where to begin the narrative i.

During my reading phase, I usually create an outline or two as part of my brainstorming. Czech Republic. No matter how mad you [and your client] are about what the trial judge did, you have to focus on the standard of review.