Whole30 Essentials: Where to Shop and What to Buy

Why spend money on something else that does the same job? This is so helpful! My favorite use for it was to cut the slices into square pieces and sprinkle generously into a salad. Chipotle is the only major chain that I know of that offers a Whole30 compliant meal option. We love them all!

You can do it! Kirkland Signature Nuts — Costco carries a plethora of nut options packaged in bulk, for a slightly-more-affordable savory, healthy fat-filled snack on the go. And I agree about the eating out part — the mere idea is overwhelming!

Working Out. Your email address will not be published. I've heard rumors that Boars Head and Applegate offer a few Whole30 deli meat options, but I have yet to encounter one. I was thrilled and a little nervous about the taste. Keep a couple jars on hand for snacking with sliced apples. I love it, what a gem! Rob and I are somewhat recent Costco members. Thanks for all the help! It is one of the primary places I get most of my groceries every month. Depending on their size and what else I was eating with them, I often ate eggs at a time.

Check out the post and discover some new people to follow! Kirkland Organic Pine Nuts — Though finding affordable pine nuts can be a challenge, this bulk-packaged product will have you making homemade pesto over and over again. These are relatively easy to find in stores too. You got it!! Basically, they are treated as all animals should be — with respect and care. I just ate one and the ingredients say dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews, blueberries, and natural flavorings?

Its great to add to any salad or even cook it on the stove top for a specific recipe!

Whole30 Costco Shopping List / Must-Haves - 40 Aprons

Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Wellness Meat is unique in their offering, providing ethically-raised, pastured, sugar-free bacon that is perfect for the Whole30 program! Mary Jammerman says: Costco also offers the best prices on cage-free eggs. And unfortunately, it is just one option.