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Making the ghosts "cute like cartoons" was a major part of the game's plan to entice women into arcades, Iwatani said. He is unable to work alone, and instead employs the help of his red brother Blinky to help him ambush Pac-Man and trap him in corners. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The name could be more of a reference to his knack for covering more of the map than any other ghost. Power Pellets are the ghosts' ultimate weakness.

Pac-Man ghosts were almost all one color - Business Insider

Paying close attention to the way that Clyde moves about each maze, you will begin to realize that he is not at all in hot pursuit of the enemy. The orange ghost's name was Sue in Ms.

Correct Answer: From its Irish origins, the name Elroy means "red haired youth". Data also provided by.

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Because the player constantly has Pac-Man on the go, however, the ghosts are always changing direction and trying to achieve their goal, which adds to the challenge of the game. Have you ever stopped in the middle of playing a game to think about why someone or something was given a certain name? In Japan, Pinky is known as Machibuse "ambusher" , which makes a lot more sense when contrasted with his actions.

All of this information can be found within their names.

Five Things You Never Knew About Pac-Man

Create an account. This hatred is what fuels his constant mad pursuit, making him unquestionably the deadliest ghost of the four. When I first read that wire-service news item, I was hoping it was about Pinky Lee, who once had a heart attack on the air after Pee-wee Herman came onto the set and stole all his stuff. Log in or sign up in seconds.

But I felt it would be too stressful for a human being like Pac Man to be continually surrounded and hunted down. Buttocks, and some unfocused monsters. Post a comment!

A Google search for the name yields no real results other than this page where one curious Internet user asks, "What is the origin of the name Cruise Elroy?

View Full Version: It made me realize how important the names that are given to everything in a video game can be, and how much they are overlooked. In the diagram to the left, the ghost will turn upwards at the intersection. Game Internals. In addition, every pellet in the maze is in the center of its own tile.

So close.