Expecting the unexpected with Merrilee Kick, the inventor of BuzzBallz

Jelinek Fernet R. Sign in with Instagram Sign in with Facebook or. July 4, , 4: Business Dr. It was all four-packs, six-packs, and they were all in a metal can or a glass bottle. The team comes down frequently with new ideas—a mint chocolate chip cocktail, for example — and in this little room, someone makes it a reality. Plant Manager.

You can also melt it into a new form. Like many of us in the industry, it sounds like you saw great opportunity in pursuing the market for RTD cocktails. I am over 21 and have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Jag Biswas, International Sales.

Re-Branded BuzzBallz Flavored Alcoholic Beverages Target Youth CADCA

You can find better things to drink for the rest of the night. Our Products. Take the fuss out of making cocktails so you can just relax and savor your favorite drink. Sweet Vermouth. I tried these the other day and I was not impressed. So in my case, I had to make money, and I thought — what makes money in good times and bad? Popular Spirits: Plus, Buzzballz have less sugar than other major brands and contain no high fructose corn syrup.

Today, BuzzBallz has distributors in 42 states and seven countries.

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Find Buzzballz in a store near you Find now. No one knows about it yet, but they will.

Are you 21 years or older? Thank you! Sales Team. Flavor extracts line the shelves and all around the room new creations are being blended, tweaked and blended again. The graphics were precisely distorted by the prepress team to appear straight and consistent on the bottle.

So Merrilee created the first plastic can in America. Andrew Kick Vice President andrew southern-champion.

New cocktail brand lets you have a ball, catch a buzz Packaging World

Even tried adding soda to it-only made it worse. Georgia Peach Whiskey Leopold Bros. One evening, while she was grading papers by the pool, she had an idea for her MBA thesis project that would revolutionize the liquor industry: Find out more at centurycouncil.

More interesting is who makes them. Now in its 32nd year, the program has honored the inspirational leadership of such entrepreneurs as:. What made you skip right over basic packaging and naming , and go right for something like BuzzBallz?