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Now stuck in her home with her father Sean and brother Alex, Quinn begins to experience increasingly disturbing paranormal phenomena , including seeing visions of a dark spirit wearing an oxygen mask known as the "Man Who Can't Breathe"—the same figure that caused her accident. After a while these scenes, while effective, interrupt the rhythm of the storytelling.

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The key-fingered demon had influenced him to commit these horrific acts, and Anna was far from the only victim. They then travel to Parker's house where a flashback of Parker's abusive childhood, with his mother yelling at him, is seen.

The house is old and problems exist, including a strangely overheated basement. Chapter 3 ". I haven't really thought about it yet. However, Josh developed a subconscious fear of having his photo taken. On March 11, , Screen Rant reported that the third film would not focus on the Lamberts, but on a new family and story, and would not connect to the last scene in the second film.

Together, Elise and Audrey succeed in banishing the key demon, although it's unclear if the beast is permanently out of commission. It was directed by Wan's long-time friend and Saw co-creator Leigh Whannell. Screen Rant.

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I think the goat lipstick dude was nothing more than a hired killer in the spiritual sense. Elise tells her and Sean that Lilith will always be with them even if they can't see her. The A. Disturbingly, in a chronological span, the Old Woman seemingly moves in closer to Josh as he ages, nearly touching him in one photo.

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She recounts that Josh used to suffer night terrors as a child due to an 'old woman' visiting him at night. Subsequently, the group, who were joined by Carl , is contacted by "Elise" in the house where Parker lived, where the two assistants are threatened by a younger version of Parker.

Did I get that right? However, his obsession to live again allowed to be convinced by his mother's memory that he needed to kill Josh's family to save his new body. The Demon was a diversion to get Josh back into the Further so she could fully possess him. Elise explains that the Old Woman is a 'parasite' who befriended Josh's astral form in an attempt to possess his physical body.

Retrieved January 13, The family race through time trying to discover the truth behind it and determine what connection it has with Josh, who seems to become the new target of haunting. United States [4] Canada [4] United Kingdom [4]. The date was later moved to May 29, Elise gets killed, helps rescue the real Josh Lambert from The Further as a ghost, then hangs around to assist Specs and Tucker from the other side. With her niece's spirit now being held prisoner in The Further, Elise sets out to find a way to get her back, only to also fall prey to the sinister creature.

He was then convinced by his mother's memory that he needed to kill Josh's family to save the body. Chapter 3' review: September 12,