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Origin of the name Toby Hebrew Please log in to add to your favourite names. Males Named "Toby" by Year About these figures.

Bobby Ott. Tobar Mhoire means "Mary's well". Report Comment. Crystal Palace. So, parents hoping to be different might want to beware of this "nickname" baby name: More questions.

Toby - Name Meaning, What does Toby mean? (girl)

Become a Huggies member now to create your own babynames list list and share with your family and friend via:. I want a character in my book to go by Toby, but her mother likes long feminine names, so I was wondering if Toby could be a nickname for anything.

Please wait Pronounce Toby. Search for a Name. Related Names: Popular middle names Willem Jasper Zachery. Lotty -- Lotty or Lottie is short for Charlotte. Tottenham Hotspur.

I need a long pretty name and a cute short nickname. This may be weird but I always though Beatrice is a good name cause the nickname is then now Bee. The Lord is good.

Toby/Tobey/Tobie for a girl??? in Baby Names Forum Huggies

This comment has been flagged. Although there were times from to that Toby was more popular with girls, today it is used more commonly as a boy name. Thanks for subscribing! Tabitha Tobi. But Jake itself is a popular name, sitting just outside of the top in Add a comment. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Toby is: Staying In. Nora is an Irish name, but has just entered the Top baby names in the US at Number 83, which is the highest it has ranked since Baby names that go well with Toby.

No for a girl for me, it a boys name and I feel that there are wayyy to many boys names being used for girls. In , 7 times more boys than girls were given the name Toby.

Toby (Girl): All about the name Toby Baby Name Science

Toby is generally used as a boys' name, but it is used for girls 9. Great Days Out. Tabatha Tabetha.