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How to Configure Exchange Server 2010 Outlook Anywhere

Hi Paul, the Computer isnt in the Company Domain. You may need to choose Basic Authentication if the connecting computers are not members of the domain, if the ISA Server publishing rule and listener are shared with other Exchange services that require Basic Authentication, or if the firewall being used does not support NTLM authentication. This was great. In the end I just rebooted, and everything came back, but it's a worry, because I can't see why it stopped in the first placeā€¦ Reply.

So what do you have? In Outlook , you have the option to tell it to just negotiate the authentication. Thank you so much! So all that it appears to be the problem is that it cannot hit the internal server name Before troubleshooting this issue, I recommend waiting half an hour to see if it will self correct like it did in our case! Thanks in reply to idioteque. Great article and helped me to setup my outlook anywhere deployment.

However, they cannot use OWA to access it, the main page of OWA can be shown, but when users type correct user name and password then click login an error page came out shown in the following.

It contains an autodiscover. OWA works.

Use Outlook Anywhere to connect to your Exchange server without VPN - Outlook

Thank you, AlyceO. Hello, you are missing one part. Hi, I find this write-up very educative. Our firewall is set to direct any port 80 or traffic on that IP to the new server. Expand your Office skills. Any other feedback? A Client Access server not array can have one external Outlook Anywhere namespace. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Exchange Outlook Anywhere Stopped Working

EDU a bit slow to load for me. I will be most grateful. Download via Outlook Anywhere also works without any delay. Usually it is due to not having the correct external URLs configured for the virtual directories of the following services;. Is the client Outlook ?

Now that Outlook has been configured for Exchange Server Outlook Anywhere, any time the user launches Outlook from a remote connection and can reach the perimeter firewall over the internet they will be able to securely access their mailbox as though they were still on the corporate network. I have ensured that the internal name resolves to an IP on the internet but that does not seem to help.

Exchange troubleshooting outlook anywhere not working

Support Knowledge base Enter the External Host Name that was configured for Outlook Anywhere earlier on the Client Access server, and then configure the Proxy Authentication Settings to match the client authentication method chosen on the server. Are you the administrator of the server? For an optimal experience on our website, please consider changing to Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. When name comes back underlined successfully resolved , go to More Settings button, and proceed to the tab to set up Outlook Anywhere proxy server remote.

Exchange 2010 Outlook Anywhere not working and getting HTTP 500 response error

This is a wonderful feature. I have been advised to use webmail instead - but that is very frustrating as it will time out and has less functionality. As soon as the server came back online all was well!