I bought a pair and have used them three times now. James P on Sep 30, These are great grips if you like a soft rubber between your hand and the bars. Pensacola, FL, US. Him posting here.. But I want the V2 Rogue! A hammer and the cutter.

Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips

Now available in popular Rogue design. The newish V2 grips are a big improvement over anything else from ODI. Enter your review. I used to run lock on grips on my BMX bike. Love the grips. Socket wrote: Nothing like having a grip turn while riding.

GeorgiePorgie wrote: November 20, The larger diameter grip helps with not getting arm pump. They do everything they say they will do. October 29, Most clamp on left grips are too thin for me due to the rigid mounting tube using up much of the available thickness leaving not much rubber for the soft part of the grip.

ODI Grips eBay

No wear or twisting. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. A little hair spray will do just fine. Most Popular.

ODI Emig V2 Half Waffle Lock On Grips

But they will work. Detroit Michael P. When I tried to slide the new grip on it wouldn't even start on, way to right.

Buy theses now!! The lock on feature is too trick, no more dealing with messy expensive grip glue. I just installed a pair of these on my sons 80 tonight. Are there multiple sizes?

I didn't even notice that the clutch side was the same size as the throttle side, but when I thought about it, I liked it like that. Is this now shipping with a cam for my 17 FE?