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The --added-modules option allows to explicitly choose the external modules to compile. Kernel Menuconfig. To just build the kernel image and all that is needed for running the kernel and compile custom modules e. Posted by southerncross Note that this will almost always be out of date compared to the latest development source, so you should use git option A if you need the latest patches. Modify the source for your needs For most people, simply modifying the configs is enough.

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For instance, the System. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. There you should also see the device name. Add experimental to your repositories: Articles and comments are the property of their respective posters. If you fail to do that, you'll get link-compatibility failures between bit and bit code.

You got to this page by mistake, and checked it out because it looked interesting, but you don't really want to learn a lot about kernels.

Sign up using Email and Password. The Old-Fashioned Debian Way The new Ubuntu build system is great for developers, for people who need the absolute latest bleeding-edge kernel, and people who need to build a diverse set of kernels several "flavours".

This method will make a. Reasons for NOT compiling a custom kernel You merely need to compile a special driver. Also, some part of make-kpkg is intrinsically serial and cannot be parallelized some tar running The instructions I'm trying to use start with "apt-get installlinux-source Kernel Compilation in Debian.

Or is the best route to go with the kernel from unstable 2. Raring Until Lenny , make-kpkg was able to apply one or more patches on the fly during compilation of the kernel, which allowed replacing the manual patching and unpatching with a command line option in our example, --added-patches grsecurity2.

Compiling Linux Kernel 4.2.6

How can I setup logrotate to rotate the logs hourly? Just make sure that any modules you'll ever use are loaded before running this command, or hand-edit the resulting. To install these: If the. We assume the linux-source The following instructions are based on this link: Sponsored Links. If you choose to compile your own kernel, you must accept the consequences: This is the first place you should look into if you need more information than what is provided in this section.

Kernel 3.12 Released – Install and Compile in Debian Linux

We don't know enough about your system or what it needs to tell you. I 'customized' the kernel but I am pretty sure I didn't leave out anything that would cause the following error. Sign up using Facebook. The make-kpkg command, presented in the next paragraph, runs make oldconfig automatically to ensure the presence of a kernel configuration. Copying previous config into new kernel build directory for your convenience.