How Long Should My Blog Post Be?

Is it obvious what you want people to do? You need to study your target audience. Below are 22 actionable tips on how to write a blog post that will help make your content stand out from the crowd.

What gives?

How long should a blog post be Ideal Blog Post Length

This section is a summary or conclusion section. The Science of Instagram: Quick note: Lastly, calculate the result 6. You might potentially find that your readers like a mix of posts. But, the point remains the same: Your email address will not be published.

So I decided to run a quick test to see if I can increase the overall time on site by increasing font size. However, are those longer posts actually doing well? Perhaps not. The first is the fact that a higher word count typically results in more search traffic.

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be

The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Intelligence 2. So by providing text on a page you make things easier for them and thus you increase your chances of getting a higher place in the rankings.

Step 1: Simply enter your keyword in this form to find out how long your blog post or landing page should be. Mine is to start a non-profit one day. But other topics work best with short content. Google itself directly states the following in terms of basic principles for quality guidelines: Coupon Code: When I landed on the site, this is what I saw: They are insightful and have helped me learn online marketing.

How to Write a Blog Post: 22 Actionable Tips

Can a word blog that has exactly written what the user was searching for beneficial than a word article that is beating around the bush to get to the point? To make sure that everybody is on the same line: Hi Matthew — Thanks for dropping by. Of course, you probably have a bit of flexibility on how exactly you approach your topic. Indeed SEO plays an important role in the Google building your website from scratch and how to make it qualitative website.

That small tweak increased your time on site by Copy Copied.