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On their first trip through space and time, the Doctor took Jago and Litefoot to Venus in the far future , where they discovered the corrupt Venusian Queen Vulpina was enslaving the young of the Cytherians , the native Venusian race, which they called the Thraskins. The Doctor attempted to free a thief from the security system, but was forced to hide in his TARDIS while the wardens searched the building. The Rani Elite.

Before meeting Frobisher, the Doctor travelled with William. Upon doing so, Evelyn insisted on joining the Doctor on his travels, as she did not want to pass up the opportunity to explore history first-hand. He then visited his old mentor at the time of his death, to bid him thanks and farewell.

The Doctor travelled to Torrok to become a recluse in order to ensure that he would not become the Valeyard. Show Comments.

Investigating the landing of a mysterious craft, he was forced to work with Davros by the owner of TAI, Arnold Baynes.

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Patrick Hart, last secretary for Thomas Merton, dies at Arrangements for War. The King of Terror. It provides an anthology of four stories spread out across various points in his Doctor's lifetime that are far distanced from each other in the grand scheme of the Sixth Doctor's life, but all play a part in ultimately setting the stage for his Doctor's sendoff, as a complex scheme by The Valeyard to take the Doctor's place via resources acquired across the universe forces the Sixth Doctor to trigger his own regeneration to prevent the Valeyard subverting his timeline.

During his travels with Mel, the Doctor wore both a pink, purple and green waistcoat with red ladybug buttons, a yellow cravat decorated with a starfield pattern and plastic watch chain that was a half neon green and half bright pink, TV: The image of the Sixth Doctor was used for the vampire Lord Tepesh , granting the Tepesh projection some of the Doctor's knowledge and experience of events that the original Tepesh could not have known.

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Landing on a primitive planet, the Doctor and Constance were forced to join forces with agents of the Galactic Census to investigate an anomalous signal from the planet. For reasons he couldn't explain, the Doctor was now compelled to visit Lakertya despite the danger, and continued his present course. Real Time. Since the Nathemus fed off telepathic energy, they gained access to its telepathic link, and by extension, the Doctor's mind when he interacted with his ship symbiotically, which let them feed until they were able to gain access to the Matrix, giving the Valeyard a means to take it over and alter history.

The toll of the Lamprey's imprisonment drained the vitality out of the Doctor as time-sensitive chronon particles, which helped sustain his life force , were stripped away from his body. The Mark of the Rani. The Doctor defeated him and learned that the Valeyard falsified some of the evidence with the aid of the High Council in a plot to steal the Doctor's remaining regenerations. I believe it is a part of journalism.

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DoctorWho was already on the bubble for me, before it went full SJW and made him a tranny. Every week at my message board, I set artists a redesign challenge. After the Eleventh Doctor was accused of committing deadly crimes against the Overcast , he brooded in the TARDIS for two days, imagining all his previous numbered incarnations, including the Sixth Doctor, interrogating him over the crimes. Due to lack of any information as to what caused the Sixth Doctor to regenerate, viewers were left to draw their own conclusions.

Mindwarp Having been under the effects of partial amnesia due to being taken out of time, the Doctor was unable to defend his actions properly, TV: The Days of the Doctor He also noted that he and the Eighth Doctor made a good team when dealing with the crisis caused by the Valeyard's machinations on Gallifrey.

After a series of stressful adventures, the Doctor decided to take Peri to the planet Ravolox to relax. Voyage to Venus. Like it or not, more people know who Doctor Who is than Theresa of Avila.

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The trio discovered that Croatoan was an island, which they planned to explore, and were galvanised into action when Jago disappeared. There, they learned of a mysterious curse that loomed over the family and before long, one of its members died.

They later apparently landed aboard the RMS Titanic.