A Visit to the All-Clad Cookware Factory

With straight sides and an oval large surface area, these minis can be used for individual side dishes or desserts, like au gratin potatoes, ratatouille or apple crisp.

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I saw some pictures here. Copyright - Patti Mackin. Copper Core 2. Popular Deal. Probably most cookware companies, including the others that are made in the U. Where am I going to put them all? View collections. Video from Take 5 Follow.

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If you agree, why not thank boonkauc? Fortunately, mine only hit the wall ;. It got so rusty I had to quit using it. In fact, I buy only AC d5 and copper core for my kids and nieces.

This page was last updated: Put the cookware that's found in many four-star kitchens to work for you.

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Learn More. I love, love, love my All Clad pots, pans, and Dutch oven! Shipping is free. Click Here [ macys.

Add Comment Reply. Sorry, this deal has expired. I only live 3 hours from Washington, Pa. I meant to say…hoping I can get used to cooking on All-Clad steel surfaces. There was no compensation for this post but All-Clad did provide round-trip transportation to and from the factory. Thanks for a very interesting article. Time for a Demeyere factory tour!