Fender Princeton

Now I just have to learn how to play..

You will get there. That might make its debut this fall. I rehearse and have rehearsed at third encore for 20 years.. Nothing beats a good TR, they ain't all the same though.

It made more sense being that it is a slide song.

Deluxe Reverb Vs. Twin Reverb?

I'm not sure if EC or a tech did this mod to his Champs. Which then by all accounts you go.. What Joe's LP is this one?

This was QVC. They have the authentic 50's neck.

Fender Princeton Reverb Guitar Amplifier Reverb

Its my new favourite child right now.. It sounds weird to me even by you tube standards. But Fender did a wonderful job with this one.. The tanks break down and If you walk by them they make a horrible noise.

Welcome to the world of the unknown.. Also using a 12AT7 in them helps.. New Epiphones starting to appear? Its a great amp. The First Fifty Years, p.

Fender Princeton Blackface Price Guide Reverb

They have a new amp coming out that I like better than the DSL.. Im flattered really. It was a bargain at dollars. I hope Davey sells a ton of these. None of these amps represent a compromise in tone.

Fender Princeton 1964 12w 1x12 Combo (s622)

But I will say as a consumer advocate here I am not sold on some of the Marshall clones. I also own 50's and 60's Fender guitars.. Like our example here, many 6G2 Princetons exist in outstanding original condition, having seen only light duty for a few years, then a quiet life in the closet, awaiting eventual rediscovery and a second coming as an unassuming little tone monster.