Want Long Hair? Channel These 10 Celebrities Who Got It Right.

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This is best attempted only if you're someone who can dress more fashion forward on a daily basis. Write a comment below…. Establish a simple, but no less solid, grooming regime, brush your hair and cut your nails. These are not shoes you want to be caught dead in, outside of the confines of your home.

There are enough rules in life as it is. June 9, Own as classic a dinner suit as possible: This is probably the last decade you'll spend doing hard graft in the office - so make sure you look good doing it. Keep your hair up in a ponytail to put it out of your way. Despite the protests against oddly shaped shoes, men continue to wear them.

Confidence: The Struggles of a Longhair

One of the things preventing me from tying my hair up was the thought of wearing those feminine hair ties around my wrist. Also, the nominators sometimes gained access to the nominee's closet to point out specific items of clothing that they considered particularly bad.

Would have been good to see a picture of you with a high ball. Wear it down, wear it up, wear it with a wide-brimmed hat— it's a style that can do no wrong.

Trust us, that grey hair is working hard for you. Use a leave-in conditioner once a week for thick and full hair. Steer clear of the designer trainers of your 30s and 40s, and instead opt for car shoes, deck shoes and espadrilles in the summer and slip-on boots in the winter.

It honestly looks like a stylish bracelet.

Walk into a room with confidence and amaze them. In , narrator Adam Harrington resigned; from that point, the show was narrated by Stacy and Clinton.

Not that it's ever easy. It's just a matching shirt and pants or shorts.

Long Hairstyles For Men

It's better to leave things to the imagination, anyway. You've got plenty of suits in your collection - now's the time to mix things up a bit. This is a dress with T-shirt sleeves and naked men diving on it.