How to Find the Perfect Guy or Girl – Make a List

Lucky for you, you get to hand pick everything now! My future husband was going to be tall, blond, strong, and quiet. Your unique username. Dave L. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Okay, who doesn't want a man of high stature? Not registered yet? Detective Gardner Gordon Clapp Arrow Or Gotham: Naturally, you will like some hair styles better than others.

Questions Left. By Sheryl Paul. You're not allowed to chicken out! Survey Maker Flashcards See All. He, a recent transplant to the U.

Who's Your Perfect Guy? - ProProfs Quiz

Should I buy a fidget spinner? What's the deal? Okay, down to some specifics. Chances are, he's standing right in front of you. Error message. Allison Young. Ah, on to picking what you DO want! Maybe you like someone who has the same hair color as you or maybe you like someone with different hair.

Some guys pull off full beards and some can barely grow a moustache. He's caring, giving, generous, warm, open, trustworthy and available. You can now pick one more trait to round up his character to best suit you. You can sit around wishing your guy were more social or extroverted, but then you're focusing on who he isn't instead of who he is.

But it is time for the more intricate details. Share this article now! It can be about a dream project. By Amanda Chatel.