How to make the perfect tech rider for your band

Buy Now. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A technical rider protects you from such unpleasant surprises. Then determine the sound system that each musician will need and calculate the number of inputs needed on the mixer.

It may also be necessary to have someone who understands at least English if you are abroad and you do not speak the language of the country. The first thing to do is to define the technical needs of each member of your band and the space you will need.

Ditch the cables and record professional-quality sound with Spire. That does not matter. You really ought to have different technical riders for different configurations of your band. Provide band name, phone and email details on each page.

Why Every Performing Musician Needs a Tech Rider

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I have been to several shows where there is no sound guy and they expected me to provide my own sound as well as backlines.

Some requests or requirements are used to avoid certain conditions and small venues e. It contains all the relevant information that is necessary for your appearance to be technically flawless. This includes how many mics, amps, music stands, chairs, etc. The stage plot is a mockup or drawing of where various items should be placed on stage.

What Is A Technical Rider And How To Write One - A Musician In Lagos

An input list is a list of all audio inputs into the sound board including sends and returns from outboard gear, instruments and microphones. September 13, How can a band score with you, what information is important to you on a rider? Something like this.

Create your rider More information. Post to Cancel. How particular are you about your sound… reverb, delay?

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Views Read Edit View history. Stagecraft Stage terminology. This helps the engineer put your visuals to your sound, and understand your live performance a little better. What if I have no idea how our drums or similar.

It varies between each band and the type of performance they plan on putting on. The most common mistake is usually that the rider is not up to date.

Need help getting started? Create your rider.