Visually, he was lost in a world of lifeless abstractions. Schifosissima e maledetta carta straccia puzzolente e sporca di sangue.

Scese e disse: His first novel, Omon Ra, published in , portrays a protagonist attempting to escape the Soviet nightmare by becoming a cosmonaut, only to find himself part of a farcical, mock-heroic moon landing during which he drives his lunar bike along a derelict underground tunnel. Not sky of anguish or anguished sky; it is an anguish become thing, an anguish which has turned into yellow rift of sky, and which thereby is submerged and impasted by the proper qualities of things, by their impermeability, their extension, their blindpermanence, their externality, and that infinity of relations which they maintain with other things.

This time is serious: Instead of first knowing things by their name, it seems that first he has a silent contact with them, since, turning toward that other species of thing which for him is the word, touching them, testing them, palping them, he discovers in them a slight luminosity of their own and particular affinities with the earth, the sky, the water, and all created things.

The brow fog lay in St Dominique Street; in the sitting room, however, the stove shone on the devenport and on the oilcloth and on my forehead, drawing the skin pleasantly. His visual acuity was good: Day of the Dead: The School exhibited his pictures every year. Music has been the centre, now make it the whole, of your life. All his earlier work was naturalistic and realistic, with vivid mood and atmosphere, but finely detailed and concrete.

I commented on this to Mrs P.

libri – L'ombelico di Svesda

Il denaro stabilisce quante ore di lavoro un dipendente deve fare e quanto denaro quel dipendente deve pontenzialmente fruttare. It probes time: Again the pilgrimage starts but his course is so erratic it seems he must be looking for, rather than trying to remember something.

Such incidents multiplied, causing embarrassment, perplexity, fear- and, sometimes, comedy. Girare le spalle e andarsene. They head back to her place, where Chase eyes the water bed while Farmer slips into something more comfortable: Allo squillo del citofono devo aver fatto un balzo.

E invece no: Everything was accelerating that spring. I gathered a pile of these together and, with some misgivings, presented them ho him. Only now can the form that this has assumed be revealed. Una camera un capitolo, un capitolo una storia, una storia una mossa del cavaliere.

Playlist dei brani da ascoltare, lista dei libri da leggere, degli autori da approfondire, del materiale su cui scrivere, dei posti che mi piacerebbe visitare, dei films e le mostre da vedere, di citazioni e articoli di giornale. The blinds are always drawn. Mars bars threesome, Marianne Faithfull naked under a fur rug,etc.. But between taken from Lunar Caustic, cap 1, by Malcolm Lowry, Having flowed into the word, having been absorbed by its sonority or visual aspect, having been thickened and defaced, it too is a thing, increate and eternal.