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The spec for the code that is using the method to do higher-order work would then simply mock the high-level method:. For other sound indices see Section Resources Blog Product changes Videos Magazines.

The high temperature fusing of the frit to the glass provides a permanent, non-porous surface with excellent scratch resistance so that removal of the colour is not possible without sustaining damage to the glass substrate.

But sometimes it is more convenient to just stub the method. If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact a Metro GlassTech representative. Now for the BIG question… Exactly when should you use mocks?

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Privacy policy. Here, double is an RSpec helper method that creates an object with certain properties that we specify. This is effectively a generalised version of our counter from the previous example, with the addition that we could, if we wanted, make further assertions about the type of arguments passed if there were any.

So, our first step is to define that our job class begins its work by finding the right email record based on an ID it receives as an argument. Refer to performance for comprehensive explanations of the icons used in the performance diagrams.

Product and Service Information This online catalogue provides a complete guide to Metro GlassTech's product and service range. Can Be Screen Printed. The main difference is in the type of assertions that we made, rather than the tool we used. Also known as the Solar Factor SF or g. This warranty will be nullified if any one of the following events occur:.

We then make calls to our subject, and at the end of each test, RSpec implicitly verifies the test double to make sure that it received the messages it expected:. You just clipped your first slide!

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The lower the fading reduction coefficient, the better the fading protection offered. The higher the percentage the more reflection. The ceramic frit can be prone to discolouration when exposed for long periods to hydrogen sulphide gas, such as in geothermal areas. If you are looking for particular properties in your glass selection make note of the associated icons below. He currently lives in Taipei, blogs at ihower. Page Object http: The VLR can be given as the reflection from the external surface 1 or internal surface 2.