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How to Make the Wind Dragon in DragonVale: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

I bought a plant dragon and levelled it up to 10 as well and then I need them in f exact order as the elements goes in the agave dragon. I have been trying to get a few dragons like venom or some that say I need a plant and fire based dragon to get this or that. Breed a Flower Dragon with any other dragon containing the water element. I made sure the water and earth dragon are both lvl 10s. Terradiem Dragon — Limited dragon that represents harmony. Hatching time is a little longer: Available only for a few days on a leap year.

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About DoubleDizle DoubleDizle is an avid gamer, and enjoys helping out fellow gamers with tips and tricks. I think the game gives you instructions on how to get the Metal, but I play on Windows PC, so it might be different for your playing platform. Yes No. Breed dragons with attributes of air, cold, and earth. Water, Earth, Wind Seed: Ouroboros Dragon — Breed a magnetic type with a water type.

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Dragon City: Wind Dragon

Anyway,you will see the combinations down from their name. Not sure how long it was ago when Legacy dragon was obtainable in an event Avengers Alliance. You can also speed up the process by using gems. Cloud dragon goes into a water OR fire habitat, just check your dragons element s to see what habitat they go into.

What happens if i breed two legendary dragons? Zombie Dragon — Available from around the second week of October through the first week of November for Halloween.

Thanks for letting us know. Plant, Metal Razor: Just started playing this game on my phone.

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How do I get a Reindeer dragon? Fungus, Nightshade. Earth, Metal War: This option is in the middle between the two dragons you have chosen.