How to Calculate the Number of Days Between Two Dates in Excel

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This also ensures that the difference between two equal days is always zero and that we only include full working days as typically you want the answer to be correct for any time on the current start date often today and include the full end date e. DayOfWeek, -extraDays]; return date.

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AddDays businessDays. Sum based on criteria. I don't think any of the other answers do this. Can you please help to compute with the two different month range date. Jeff Kooser Jeff Kooser 41 1.


Many companies in NZ have their financial year begin in Apr each year. In the weekend parameter, we can specify Week off days.

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Hours between times. Hot Network Questions. And I tested for a year, and it seems super fast.

Easiest fix for this bug: I just improved Alexander and Slauma answer to support a business week as a parameter, for cases where saturday is a business day, or even cases where there is just a couple of days of the week that are considered business days: Copy after: If you wanted to count how many weekend days between two dates you could modify the formula slightly to achieve it.

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Calculating the Number of Work Days between two dates

Also for any dates that began and end on the same weekend days, say Saturday to Saturday , it calculated one day more. Write "Inser your end date example: Shutterstock Calculating the number of days workdays and weekends between two dates is easy.

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