The Clean Kill: Where to Shoot a Hog

Understanding Roots by Robert Kourik - pdf download. Store the meat properly.

Processing a Pig at Home: Slaughtering and Butchering — Practical Self Reliance

Dry aging is more common with beef than other meats, at least by my experience, and lends a unique flavor and tenderness to the cut. Is there any other solutions? Hi all, I'm looking to butcher two kunekune pigs that are about lbs each. The rest is sausage. Look at the River Cottage books for inspiration I had been sweating how to scald and scrape the hog with my limited resources and available help.

When I drop a pig, that's how I prefer to do it. Authorities say 70 percent of the population would have to be killed each year just to keep the numbers from growing. At that point, switch your knife for the hacksaw or your heavier cleaver and cut through the bone to remove the ham.

Reach into the cavity near the groin and pull downward.

Processing a Pig at Home: Slaughtering and Butchering

Here are the final cut weights from our pig at nearly 1 year old. The oldest sows recognize guns the moment they catch the scent when we step out of the house. Is a gun necessary on a homestead? Or would it kill it outright and make bleeding impossible? Insert the knife into your incision, and push it about 6 inches Hog scrapers or bell scrapers used to be commonly used in processing hogs, but are increasingly difficult to find.

It works great. This process was a lot harder before we had the tractor, as the pig below weighs between and lbs. A pig will take about minutes to bleed out. Whatever your choice of weapon when taking on a wild hog, there are a few things to understand about the troublesome, but oh so tasty, beasts. Perpendicular to the ribs, use the cleaver or saw to cut through the ribs, separating the tenderloin section, which you can separate into chops, from the lower section of ribs, which contains the bacon and the rib racks.

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Learn more You need a decent swing and thump but you can knock them down as they munch on a bribe if you have them calm and used to coming up for a treat while you are in the pen.

It should come off quite easily. At some point in this process, gravity will likely work in your favor and the entrails will start falling out without you having to do much. I usually relate the hog kill target with that of an alligator, on an alligator you have a quarter sized target at the back of the skull, miss and you have one mad gator on your hands. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Killing pigs without a gun? (pigs forum at permies)

We first grind the fat to make it easier to render, and then slow process it on the stove at low heat. It's just the noise they make I guess. Adipose tissue is a layer of fat found near the pig's kidneys, and is popular to reserve for rendering into lard. That is where the smell comes from," he said. I have sometimes wondered if this would be the right tool to use, in the event of a home invasion.

The whole process of making the necessary butchers' cuts are a lot easier with cold meat. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I have not seen the hit to the head have any longer effect than about 10 seconds, half of the times even less, but it works. Pigs Pigs are among the most difficult animals to shoot.