Tulpaforcing from the Heart Seventh Sense

Imagination from the Heart: It is always possible to find an answer; and, there is no right or wrong answer, just an answer. Through meditative practices especially the Quantum Pause one can cultivate a base of forgiveness, of accepting neutrality, from which the rest can more easily be built upon; and with practice, such background forgiveness can come to effortlessly pervade the daily life, allowing us to live outside of the state of co-reaction, and instead, in a state of neutral Presence from where the Heart Virtues can spring forth unimpeded.

Doing things with feeling, as they say. You don't have to be in any sort of meditative state, though it does help for concentration purposes. Jul For a more detailed explanation of the heart virtues, you can consult this excerpt from Living from the Heart.

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That's great, I've never seen it defined so perfectly. Eine Tulpa erschaffen. Warnings It is best you don't tell anyone about your tulpa unless you're sure what they will think about it. Love in the expression: Thread Modes.

Tulpaforcing from the Heart

Phi's got it. For example, you don't have to talk to your tulpa, you can talk to yourself about them. Once I made that adjustment, it helped me to identify my essence and distinguish it from my mind system. I don't exactly know how it happened but if I were to guess it would have been. From the realization that we are connected at the deepest level in a framework that unifies us and our individual purposes in Love, appreciation is expressed in the gestures of gratitude that birth and support relationships and bonding.

Remember that every Self is made of other selves, and that any positive interaction, every improvement, every development, returns to shape positively the whole.

Six Heart Virtues Grid Meditation technique Resetting the Heart Resetting the Heart permits to clear excessive densities and disturbances in the heart caused by stress and recent negative experiences, and to return to a renewed state of clarity and insight. Passive forcing means thinking about your tulpa and maybe some talking too, but usually without closed eyes or meditation, when you are doing something.

When I realized this, I read from the WingMakers philosophy that breath was the magnet of nowness.

what is tulpaforcing exactly and How do I tulpaforce?

The Presence in the Now. You should really think this through, as a tulpa is a big responsibility and a life-long companion.

Maybe a natural result of being an artist, though I hadn't created any art in years. Not unless you share a brain with them. Pushing one another in Love to understand themselves, to improve themselves, to love themselves even, can be an incredible drive of change and evolution.

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