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Your splendid review - and then Matthew Quann's recommendation - caused me to take a second bite at Gaiman's cherry.

In passing, I went to his Norse Mythology presentation and he said he's writing the sequel of Neverwhere: If he seems ineffectual to begin with, by the end of the book I was rooting for him to succeed and prosper. Neil gaimanu cu gonna look into this dude nvm author of one my fav ya novels neverwhere sc st pinterest also best gaiman many worlds endless adventures images on rh pinterest com and df neil gaiman quotes quotes love.

There were a lot of new characters introduced, but I never felt like there was too many to keep track of, as each was given time and context to settle in. OmegaLynx , Dec 10, Thank You! What you're going to see is a masterclass in fucking dignity, son. Neverwhere by the evil pastry xd also on deviantart rh the evil pastry xd deviantart com and neverwhere by the evil pastry xd cc tm.

The theater was completely empty and nearly jet-black, as if someone had pulled all that was good out and left only the darkness. Better still, are the central characters, Richard Mayhew is your average nice everyman character the readers can easily identify with, but he is quite dynamic in how his bizarre adventures change him over the course of the novel.

Twitter Facebook. He puffed out his chest.

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Share this quote: Tulip and Mr. Anyone who would make it across gets the money, but they don't have a long time limit. I went to bed and woke up to the above comments! It doesn't have to be like that now, Malcolm. November 20, — Shelved as: Feb 20, Style Skin: This was his first novel, and though his style has evolved and matured that flair for description has remained his signature. Your name or email address: Croup and Mr. From what I remember, Gaiman tells right away in the Author's Word thingy in the end of the book that it was sort of a "Jungle Book" retelling.

Join Goodreads. Richard had been told to fuck off and die with more warmth and good humor.

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Richard finds himself making enemies with Mr. Vinylshadow , Dec 8, At Knightsbridge, there is a night that steals people away as you cross it. Characters introduced: The realm is dead! Celeste 1, books view quotes.

I mean, maybe. This description of the angelus, provided by the narrator, tells the reader that Islington was first visited, perhaps, in the medieval period. Then he mentally underlined the last sentence three times, rewrote it in huge letters in red ink, and circled it before putting a number of exclamation marks next to it in his mental margin.

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But mostly, it's not. Upload Files. I was amazed starting from the beginning. We recommend: