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Airport delays: Landscape architect and USC adjunct professor Bob Perry advises placing 3 to 4 inches of organic mulch in beds and areas where water will drain or collect. Back to Gallery. Search for: Get to know your braking system: For more information go to www.

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Here are some tips to help you weather the storm. If you already have a sump pump, have your plumber service it. Prolonged drought can compromise not only freshwater supplies and food security, but can also have cascading impacts on public health, economies, food distribution, and even trigger civil unrest.

Publication date: Secure yard furniture, especially items that might blow away and cause damage during a storm. Google Tag Manager. Stay out of flood drainage channels and standing water.

The guild of banana growers suggested "not using urea, mainly in the absence of irrigation, as you could lose up to 50 percent in dry conditions due to volatility. With the drought taking a toll on all trees, now is the time to bring in a certified arborist — not a simple tree cutter — to do a health check and risk assessment.

Find out how to prepare for stormy winter weather. Retaining Walls Visually inspect all retaining wall drains, surface drains, culverts, ditches, etc. When mudslides happen, they cause a trail of destruction. Underinflated tires "won't sit properly on the ground, and you reduce traction," he adds.

About Author Latest Posts. If your house lies below another house, you'll want to find out where their property drains. Annamalai, Victoria Keener, Matthew J. Conservatives praise DiFi after video of confrontation with kids. A rainstorm is not the time to realize they cannot effectively clear your windshield of water.

Have shovels, sandbags, plastic sheeting and other emergency equipment on hand. Photo Report: Experts agree that the toughest time to find solutions to rain-related issues is during a rainstorm.

The City of Seal Beach has been preparing for heavy rains predicted this winter for several months. Know that "cold, wet brakes do not work as well as warm, dry brakes," Skaien says. Tilling in compost and covering with mulch will enable the ground to better absorb rain. Today's Headlines Newsletter.