Electromagnetic clutch

In an emergency, when you have to brake quickly, the only thing that comes between safe stopping and disaster is the simple science of friction: How can this be resolved.

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The gearmotor encoder assembly is mounted externally on the transfer case. Drive Train Easy-Pedal This armature force friction plate towards the rotor and make rotate the hub. Unlike in the motorcycle brake, there is no contact at all between the electromagnet and the brake disc: Use your brakes too often and you may suffer a problem called brake fade , where heat builds up too much in the brakes or the hydraulic system that operates them and the brakes can no longer work as effectively.

When current flows through the clutch coil, the coil becomes an electromagnet and produces magnetic lines of flux. When the magnetic field exceeds the air gap between rotor and armature and then it pulls the armature toward the rotor. The truck is equipped with manual shift on the fly.

Wherever you get electricity, you get magnetism as well, and vice-versa. Springs hold the armature away from the rotor surface when power is released, creating a small air gap and providing complete disengagement from input to output. Motorcycle brakes: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What's the alternative? Transmission Pictures. The simplest linear, eddy-current brakes have two components, one of which is stationary while the other moves past it in a straight line.

That's it! Linear brakes Linear brakes feature on things like train tracks and rollercoasters, where the track itself or something mounted on it works as part of the brake.

Electromagnetic Clutch : Principle, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages with its Diagram

An electromagnetic clutch is also a friction clutch but it uses magnetic force in place of spring force to engage and disengage the clutch.

You can learn more about differentials and viscous couplings in How Differentials Work. An automatic transmission contains several clutches. Electromagnetic simulation in EMS coupled with motion in SW helps engineers to know all the aspect of an electromagnetic clutch.

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Many cars have limited slip differentials or viscous couplings, both of which use clutches to help increase traction. The frictional force generated at the contact surface transfer the torque. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.