Golden bases also had two varieties, those that faded and those that did not. Flowerhorn cichlids have a lifespan of 10—12 years. How fast do Flowerhorns grow?

He's getting aggressive, but he's a top level swimmer so there isn't too much confrontation. NEVER add water from your aquarium into the shipping container. January 4, This type of flowerhorn is an original luohan-based fish and not a mixed-type Zen Zhu or Kamfa.

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Real Name Christopher. Generally, the males are larger than the females, but there are some exceptions. But, by strong contrast, flowerhorns have been on the scene for less than 20 years. Position aquarium lights six inches above water level. Where did these animals come from, and what is truly good and bad about them? Things you should know about Flowerhorn: This strain should display the best characteristics of both Kamfa and Malau.

Flower Power: Are Flowerhorns Good for the Hobby?

They will not have their full coloration, pattern and red eyes until they are mature at around inches most Flowerhorn. The very first thing you should be doing is set up a suitably sized aquarium for the fish. One sure way to determine the sex of flowerhorn is that grown female will lay eggs every month even without the male.

The dorsal and anal fins lack trailers, a common trait found also in Zhen Zhu. With the younger ones, there is no way to ascertain their looks when they grow up. It is also possible to house Flowerhorn in very large tank with large foot prints with other fish. Flowerhorn cichlid is a big fish with compact body, it can reach 30 cm Allow the containers to float for 10 to 20 minutes to allow temperatures to slowly equalize longer if necessary.

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Flowerhorn Cichlid: Creation or Creature?

These large and aggressive cichlid hybrids have been bred in Southeast Asia with the intent of producing fish of remarkable size, color, markings, shape, and attitude. Occasionally, electrical power was shut off due to whatever reasons. The toxic form of ammonia is NH3. This hybrid issue can get ugly and confusing when some flowerhorn fishes look a lot like true species.

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I like to vary the flavors so they don't get bored with it. Their importation is banned in Australia. One is a matter of supply and demand: Flowerhorns are not painted or dyed which fish I totally abhor — they are a beautiful fish that many hobbyists love to keep. Seed Ticks Treatment. Remember that topping up evaporated water does not qualify as a water change.

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Black marks: Most Flowerhorn you will find in a local fish store or chain store like Petsmart or Petco are low quality and do not usually have the genetics to grow a kok. Short body Flowerhorn will vary greatly from one another. Before you decide you want a flowerhorn, you may want to ask some old-school hobbyists to see their trimacs, red devils, Midas cichlids, etc.

This is especially true for Amphilophus trimaculatum , a fish often involved in flowerhorn genetics.