Fuel gels pose great danger

They usually had a thick base with a wide open top to allow for better distribution of heat and easy access for dipping and stirring. Cheese fondue needs to be kept below the boiling point but above the melting point. References RecipeTips. Sign Up. To have a great fondue experience, you need to know how to light your fondue burner safely.

See Shipping Information for details. This type of pot is most popular for cooking meat fondue. Cheese fondue pots are typically made of earthenware or ceramic.

While the package for the firepots and the labels on the fuel gel containers warn against adding fuel gel to a burning cup, they don't caution that alcohol can burn with a flame that may not be visible in some lighting conditions.

Your chocolate fondue , caramel fondue and dessert fondue only require a small unscented tea light. View on Vehicle. Or, you can slide the bread off of your fork and onto your saucer and use a regular fork to stab and eat your bread. When doubling or tripling your recipe there is not as much surface area to allow for evaporation of your liquids, so be careful not to double everything.

Use this easy-to-use gel fuel in fondue or chafing dish paste burners or for lighting open fires and charcoal-fuelled barbecues. Compare Add to List.

If you spilled any fuel around or on the burner, wipe it off. Sign me up! Your meat, seafood and vegetarian fondues require higher temperatures that tea lights could not reach. Preparing the Pot Seasoning, garlic. Each person should have their own fondue fork and small saucer or plate. In commercial use, Sterno is a type of fuel gel that is used for camping stoves and restaurant buffet food warmer.

Grilling Salmon. Choosing Equipment. Connect with us on your favourite social networks. Be sure to use hot pad to be safe! Please see the complete terms and conditions of your order in our Terms of Sale. Shaun Daley Resolution: Some fuel gels also have insect repellent, such as citronella, added.

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A glazed ceramic or enameled cast iron pot can be used without seasoning it first. Make sure that all flammable material is far from the burner i. Cheese Fondue Pots.