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The migration led to better pay, higher standards of living and longer schooling, but also exposed problems of racism and discrimination. Various claims have been made that New Zealand was reached by other non-Polynesian voyagers before Tasman, but these are not widely accepted.

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Fedorowich and Bridge argue that the demands of the Second World War produced long-term consequences for New Zealand's relationship with the government in London. This private colonisation project was part of the reason that the British Colonial Office decided to speed up its plans for the annexation of New Zealand.

Tasman named it Staten Landt on the assumption that it was connected to an island Staten Island, Argentina at the south of the tip of South America. Timeline Military history Archaeology. When the land veered to the north-west at Eddystone Point , [13] he tried to keep in with it but his ships were suddenly hit by the Roaring Forties howling through Banks Strait. What's in store for NZ". New Zealand and Nazi Germany, — On January 5, , he was formally reinstated in his rank and spent his remaining years at Batavia.

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Oud en nieuw Oost-Indien. From the s the New Zealand Parliament enacted a number of progressive initiatives, including women's suffrage and old age pensions.

Due to his conviction and three year imprisonment for abducting the schoolgirl heiress Ellen Turner his role in forming the New Zealand Company was necessarily out of sight from the public. He was second-in-command of a exploration expedition in the north Pacific under Matthijs Quast. An early map of Australasia during the Golden Age of Dutch exploration and discovery c.

Abel Janszoon Tasman — October 10, , was a Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant.

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Auckland, NZ: What it gave the British in return depends on the language-version of the Treaty that is referred to. In New Zealand, prohibition was a moralistic reform movement begun in the mids by the Protestant evangelical and Nonconformist churches and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and after by the Prohibition League.

From the s, the waters around New Zealand were visited by British, French and American whaling , sealing and trading ships. Other voyages followed, to Japan in and and to Palembang in the south of Sumatra in , where he made a friendly trading treaty with the Sultan.

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Radio New Zealand. He was shortly afterwards in the service of the Dutch United East India Company and by was mate of a ship trading from Batavia now Jakarta to the Moluccas.

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