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However, the investigation into Green's death begins to wind down, as the police have failed to find anything more than circumstantial evidence to link Bates to the crime.

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She plays Muriel, the sister of Ruth Williams , the Englishwoman who in real life challenged colonial racism to marry Seretse Khama , who would become King of Bechuanaland now Botswana in Later, Daisy feels guilty about it and is discovered crying while cleaning the fireplace.

Mr Carson is in charge of the pantry, wine cellar, and dining room, as well as the male staff, who report to him. Vyner tells Mary and Anna that the witness has confirmed that they had seen Anna on the pavement near Green in Picaddilly when the incident occurred. Downton star reveals who's to blame for dog death. Cora, however, warns Robert that she will not let him keep her from her grandchild and says that he should accept Sybil's new family with as much grace as possible.

When Lavinia dies of Spanish influenza at Downton, he is plunged into grief and vows that neither he nor Mary deserve to be together, because it would be an insult to Lavinia's memory. Violet was born in [4] to a baronet. Anthony Strallan was Edith's last chance at making a successful marriage, and Mary intentionally intervened in revenge. Although in some ways his character embodies the traditional values of the aristocracy, Robert does not shun all progress as he allows telephones and electricity to be installed at Downton, much to the horror of his mother Violet, the Dowager Countess.

Start a Wiki. In Series 4, Gregson begins searching for ways to divorce his wife, and learns that by becoming a German citizen, he could achieve this and marry Edith.

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Edna later returns to Downton to be Lady Grantham's new lady's maid in , following the sudden departure of Miss O'Brien, using the glowing reference that Mrs Hughes wrote at Tom's request. After about a year of marriage, however, Robert truly fell in love with Cora and they eventually had three daughters: Just the clothes on her back, just the shoes on her feet, waiting tables just to pay the bills. However, Bates is not fooled, and when she returns to Downton, tells her he believes he knows what took them to London, believing the worst has happened.

The overjoyed couple once again begin to discuss and plan their future. Discuss Viewer comments may contain spoilers Comments.

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She is mentioned once in series one when Cora was pregnant as being very anxious but Violet wrote to her to come admire the baby. Rosamund later visits Downton and is happy to learn about Edith's possible engagement to Bertie Pelham, but constantly bickers with Robert because she thinks that Edith should tell Bertie about Marigold's parentage.

The movie has been written by creator Julian Fellowes and was originally going to be directed by Brian Percival, who directed the show's original pilot, before he stepped aside. After her father and grandfather argued over which church she would be christened into, she was baptised Catholic per her father's wishes.

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Martha has a slightly strained relationship with her daughter Cora, making her rarely visit the house. This once again causes tension between himself and Branson though he has accepted Branson as part of the family , who thinks that Mary should have a say in the running of the estate. The Royals star Max Brown will also star in the movie in an undisclosed role via Deadline.

Upon his return to Britain, he gets permission to work at Downton in a military capacity when the residence is made into a hospital for injured officers.

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Bates is suspicious that the attacker could be Mr Green, valet of Lord Gillingham. He is Lord Grantham's third cousin once removed — his great-great-grandfather was a younger son of the third Earl — and works as a qualified solicitor in Manchester.

We'd better stick together. Matthew was her only child and she feels as if she has nothing to live for, although the Dowager Countess, Lady Edith and Mrs Hughes all try to console her.