14 'The Wonder Years' Secrets — From Iconic First Kisses to Guest Star Crushes

Karen, Kevin's sister, gives birth to a son in September Meanwhile, Kevin is proud of his SAT's , scoring a verbal and math. While staying at the Gustavsons', Norma is wooed by Roger; Jack is hurt in the sack race at the reunion picnic; Kevin is menaced by their Rottweiler ; and Wayne--anticipating a huge inheritance of his grandparents seemingly valuable antique possessions--takes inventory of the house, after Mr.

The only thing is Retrieved from " https: Kevin and Winnie begin to argue and the elderly couple loses patience and kicks them out of the car. Things then go from bad to worse when Wayne and Kevin start fighting, causing their tent to go up in flames. December marks a time of transitions in the Arnold household.

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Sons of Anarchy". Gustavson informs the boys they will get everything their grandparents own upon their deaths. Part two conclusion of the two-part series finale.

Jack tells Kevin that his mother wanted more out of life than the small town she grew up in had to offer, so she quickly left everyone behind. Episodic Comedy.

The Wonder Years

Tom Moore. They were like my brothers. Never mind, probably didn't see the episode Michael Dinner For episode " Goodbye ". Left to right: This means that the sweet scene where Kevin climbs into Winnie's bedroom after she is in a car accident and they say "I love you" to eachother was actually each actor saying "I love you" to a piece of tape.

During the match, Kevin surprisingly scores two points; and when Doug whispers in his ear, "Give up, and make it easy on yourself," Kevin doesn't do so and his shoulder never touches the mat once, getting by on his natural ability from gym class.

You had your smart kids. Wayne and his single-mother divorced girlfriend Bonnie are now becoming serious about their relationship, and Jack and Norma slowly warm to the idea.

14 'The Wonder Years' Secrets — From Iconic First Kisses to Guest Star Crushes

Though he was afraid to wear thick rimmed glasses for a really long time because he would get character comparisons he thinks its great that so many hipsters embraced the look. Each year in the series takes place exactly 20 years before airing to It wasn't afraid of addressing touchy subjects and was often frank about things that happen when growing up.

Retrieved September 22, Dennis C. When Kevin and the guys get together for a Friday night of poker, each of them discuss their current problems: The Denver Post. Reruns of the show aired in syndication between September and September Norma's parents, Karl and Jane Gustavson making their first and only appearance in the series express their continued disapproval of Jack. Carol Black and Neal Marlens For the pilot episode. But when this irritates Alice, Kevin reconsiders and accompanies her to Pedermier's Autoland to test drive a flashy red Austin Healey Sprite.

Kevin also has an older brother, Wayne, and an older sister, Karen. The majority of the show's soundtrack remains unchanged. Nothing but a black screen was shown, after the title logo, with each cast member's name appearing in the center one by one.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, the newly-unemployed Jack focuses on a new future when he and his old NORCOM buddy Charlie try to secure a bank loan to finance their furniture factory business.