What is the Differential Diagnosis of Hyperphosphatasemia?

Why do I need this test? Introduction It is relatively common for primary care physicians to encounter children with elevated alkaline phosphatase AP levels. What is the differential diagnosis of an elevated alkaline phosphatase AP level in an otherwise asymptomatic patient?

The abdominal and skeletal examinations were negative. These lesions are usually demonstrated on ultrasound, occasionally they require biopsy for a tissue diagnosis Sarcoidosis: Bone Pain Bone pain is an extreme tenderness or aching in one or more bones.

Further workup should evaluate the presence of liver or bone disease, familial patterns, and rarely preclinical cancers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Fatty liver: Primary biliary cirrhosis: Eating before the test may slightly increase your ALP levels for a few hours. Carin E. Concerning hepatic causes of elevated alkaline phosphatase, the clinical history should focus on the symptoms of liver disease - their nature, pattern of onset, and progression - and the associated risk factors. Furthermore, this condition has no long-term adverse consequences.

Normally, children and adolescents have higher Alkaline Phosphatase levels than adults due to an increase in bone growth.

A blood sample is needed. Because alkaline phosphatase is usually measured collectively within "liver function tests", it may be helpful to start by organizing the diagnoses into hepatobiliary and non-hepatobiliary causes of elevated alkaline phosphatase.

Phsyiologic and pathologic bone growth healing fracture, osteoblastic bone tumors, metastatic cancer to the bone, myeloma, osteomalacia.

Alkaline phosphatase can be broken down into iso-enzymes that determine whether the elevation is coming from bone or from the liver. Joel M. Although the primary importance for measuring alkaline phosphatase is to check for the possibility of bone disease or liver disease, forming a differential diagnosis should focus on the pathology see below for causes of normal, physiologic elevations found within each location where the enzymes are found.

Prospective follow-up of children with transient hyperphosphatasemia. No sponsor or advertiser has participated in, approved or paid for the content provided by Decision Support in Medicine LLC. What might affect my test results?

An investigatory and analytic thinking approach to the clinical situation is demonstrated. Physical Examination maneuvers that are likely to be useful in diagnosing the cause of this problem.

Gallbladder Diet The gallbladder is a sensitive organ, and maintaining a diet full of nutrient-dense foods helps keep it healthy. Measure in a fasting state: When investigating the cause of abnormal values of AP, several physiological factors pertinent to infants and children are important to understand. In order to provide high-quality, cost-effective fiscal and nonfiscal health care, a rational approach for the appropriate evaluation of elevated serum alkaline phosphatase is essential for all practicing physicians.

Afterward, there may be some throbbing.

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After the careful history, examination and review of the above studies, the diagnosis of THP was made and no further investigations were deemed necessary. Goldman-Cecil Medicine. Pratt DS.