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We're still waiting for answers about how this deal was set up and who benefits - no one at all as far as I can see. Give Gary Anderson time and I think we'll see much better of him as time progresses.

I have to hand it to Jenson he beat Lewis fair and square. Good race, nice to see the maclarens competting well at the start of the season.

Link to watch the new episodes! : HIMYM

Bravo Media, LLC, more commonly known as Bravo, is an American basic cable and satellite television network and flagship channel, launched on December 1, Go find a donation or a free feed somewhere.

Really pleased to see Jenson drive so strongly , calmly and smoothly. Kimi's radio feed added the most entertainment to the race. Hamilton and his team will look at the data and address this as per the next race set up as it's better to give a little in qualification to make sure you have the correct package for the main day.

I think it will be a tough season for him to be honest hulkenberg is good On sky coverage, I watched it online and I will die before shelling out my hard earned money for those greedy so and so plus the dwarf. Damon Hill as well, perhaps he was nervous, but barely coherent.

Elephant in the room time.


I can't get the sky coverage at home, so the hiding under a rock on highlights weekends is going to seriously try my patience. Managed to find a live feed just after the start of the race but had to rely on the rather boring Radio5 commentary up till then. He is a superb driver, this weekend perhaps him and his part of the Mclaren team got their set up slightly wrong with gearing ratio's and down force set up. He's not the quickest, but he's the most complete.

Publishing an article about the race as well really takes the proverbial. I did the same in previous years when some of the races were broadcast at an early hour, so it's no different really.

Live stream? : HIMYM

Ferrari with Alonso at the wheel did better than expected, more to do with Alonso than the car I expect. I think from now on I might just watch the last half hour of the highlights package, I might be able to work out whats go on then.

He even beat one of the Red Bulls - Fantastic! Last year, he came fifth in the Championship, on his own away from the top 4 after a succession of races where he didn't gather a lot of points. Red Star Belgrade: I had to get rid of my cable and CBS doesn't come in on my antenna. Can't believe the saddos still whining about the coverage, then moaning about the result being on the website before the highlights Aside from that, interesting first race.

Why would he of wanted to risk putting it into jenson at the first corner today? Slappointment in Slapmarra". Now you coax the car round