Extreme-right Italian gunman shoots 6 African immigrants in drive-by spree: officials

Arrested Somali 'wanted to attack St Peter's at Xmas'

It includes a cease-fire, the opening of all territory, and an agreement to help humanitarian aid reach the needy. Torrential rains since November have led to flooding in some regions of Somaliland.

To jumpstart his idea of reviving domestic tourism, Baffo organized tours for young Somalis outside of Mogadishu.

Our view. Somaliland, she says, has created a relatively stable enclave in a turbulent part of the Horn of Africa. President Egal's tour of Ethiopia, France, and Italy has confirmed the trend to grant de facto diplomatic recognition to Somaliland.

Reuters Mohamad Farah Aydeed died from a heart attack after being wounded days earlier in an assassination attempt. Sign the petition. The label is also used to evoke the perilous journeys on which Italians once embarked to reach the Americas, and those that Somalis endure today to cross the Mediterranean. Photos taken of the dead body of Alpi, who worked for public broadcaster RAI's third channel, and a medical report on the deaths, along with other key evidence including Alpi's notes, camera and video cassettes, mysteriously went missing on the journey back from Africa to Italy, fuelling suspicions of a cover-up.

Birmingham pub bombings inquest begins amid tributes to victims Prisoners were even thrown against razor wire for the amusement of their captors. Troops loyal to President Egal were attacked by militiamen of the Idagale sub-clan of Garhajis. It rejected provisions of the agreement Addis Ababa Agreement which pertain to Somaliland, stating that any part of the agreement that supposedly pertains to Somaliland is both unwarranted and provocative.

Somaliland declared its independence from the failed state of Somalia in , but the world Somaliland appealed for urgent assistance to counter the drought that was affecting large areas of the Horn of Africa.

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Advanced Search Search Tips. President Egal remarked that the deals were "more than political recognition. Prisoners were denied all food and drink except hot peppers, beaten, burned and electrocuted.

The UN has also agreed to give Somaliland the status of observer. Traini had run for town council on the anti-migrant Northern League's list in a local election last year in Corridonia, the party confirmed, but its mayoral candidate lost the race. The U. He moved to Italy when he was 3 with his mother who worked as a housekeeper for an Italian family.

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Mark Steel. Northern Issaq people were frustrated with Siad Barre's preferential treatment of his own ethnic clan and they also felt a sense of economic injustice against the Northern region. You can form your own view.

Lunchtime Latest. US Edition. In Ahmed Ali Rage, who was also known as Gelle and who was a key witness for the prosecution in the trial that led to the conviction, said that Hassan was "innocent".