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Suspension Vibration Diagnosis

Your discs have Pad imprint which is an area where the salt has eaten into the disc causing a rough patch. Why Choose Us. Did you make this project? Now, there is a situation when you'll feel normal brake pulsation.

Recently im having the same problem as described by OP.

Ask a Question. Mercedes-AMG A While seeming counterintuitive at first, some limited degree of water absorption is desirable. Electric Beaver posts months.

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Thanks everyone for your comments, suggestions and expertise. If you have done a lot of hard braking at 80mph and above, you will be getting your brakes serviced more often for sure.

Easy job. Unless I and millions of others have being doing wrong all these years?

Suspension Vibration Diagnosis

Used Cars. In your case it sounds like the pad imprint area has changed the surface hardness and is now wearing at a different rate to the rest of the disc, causing DTV disc thickness variation this will cause major judder when braking.

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Car Shakes When Braking? Here Are The 4 Most Common Causes Brake Works

The helpful part of this is that every brake system will contain some moisture, which cannot be avoided. Vendor Directory. Petersburg to have qualified, certified professionals examine and inspect your vehicle. I noticed that when I brake normally, not hard at all at high speeds over 80 mph on the highway, I feel very noticeable shaking in the pedal.

Also, it will not damage paint. Maintenance Tips. As a general rule, spark plugs last for about 80,, miles, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Esmagamus chrwei Reply 5 years ago on Introduction.