Ohio State Tax Refund Status Information

Yes No. What should I do? Sounds like you need to get in touch with the state revenue department about issues. Explore ways you can invest your tax refund by using it for home improvements or toward your financial goals.

Where’s My State Tax Refund?

You can also call the IRS at , or , or and inquire about your tax return status with an IRS a customer service representative. LA Refund Status. So taking everything into account, we have put together this estimated tax refund schedule for You will need to enter your SSN and the amount of your refund. Below is a run down of how you can check your refund status in each state that collects an income tax. Massachusetts has been processing my state refund since February 6th I do not claim any income credit or have any dependents.

Here’s your estimated 2019 tax refund schedule

I did an eFile! Learn about the tax transcript email scam to protect your banking and personal identification information. Instead of paying for a copy of your tax return, you can request a free transcript online to get the information you need quickly. Find out when you can expect your tax refund from the IRS by clicking below. Learn More.

For example, tax-filing early birds who got their returns in electronically by Jan. This is one thing to be happy about with the federal government in the middle of all the current political turmoil. Photo credit: Where's My Refund lets you follow your return through three stages: Mine is still saying the same thing!

All Rights Reserved. It is not a busy tax time as far as I am aware.

WI Refund What if you have a offset for your refund but it say topic , then update to being processed, with no bars, since feb 15, up to now. Probably ran out of money.

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Yeah whats going on with MN!? There you can check the status of income and homestead tax refunds. Hey my boyfriend file is tax return on January 22 its start being process january 26 go to where is my Refund today day still processing wtf….

Its says its processing but a refund date will b provided when available like wat dat means??? I really hope this helps everybody! Goodluck everybody!! They are saying give it til the end of Feb. I live in mn and ive been waiting since last month as well Reply. This status tells you the date the IRS sent the money to your financial institution. Most Popular. Ask us any question about the U. Which here we are 90 days later May. They do not update the status more than once a day, so checking throughout the day will not give you a different result.

I filed the exact day Jan 27 and finally it says being processed!!