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Types of Microscopes

This nice interactive Nobel Prize website explains four of the newest types of microscope and allows you to compare different objects as they'd appear through them. Write the correct name for each metric unit abbreviation. The stage moves up and down when you turn a thumb wheel on the side of the microscope.

If you pass light through these materials, something much more interesting happens: Updated Mon, Feb 25, Additionally, methods such as electron or X-ray microscopy use a vacuum or partial vacuum, which limits their use for live and biological samples with the exception of an environmental scanning electron microscope. The specimen observed with this kind of microscope is usually microscopic and has to be translucent allows light to pass through it. At its simplest, daylight is directed via a mirror.

Techniques in Light Microscopy; PMB , S

Cell Vision. Archived from the original on 15 June Plant and Animal Cells. Midterm Lab Exam. High power illumination is usually provided by an LED source or sources adjacent to the camera lens.

Microscope worksheet

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Hair Transplant. The Compound Light Microscope.

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Below each picture, write the type of microscope that would have been used to create the image. Magnification power of the microscope To figure the total magnification of an image that you are viewing through the microscope is really quite simple.

A compound microscope uses two or more lenses to produce a magnified image of an object, known as a specimen, placed on a slide a piece of glass at the base. Meiji Techno.

The Huygens ocular is still being produced to this day, but suffers from a small field size, and other minor disadvantages. Pharmaceutical Microscopes.

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