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The whole night the issue of the letter and his stuffed animal were never brought up so after a while of computer games and a movie with the rest of the group when they got home, he forgot about it. Compared to SNSD, of course dara is way much beautiful! Will they have more confidence from now on when they come to a western country?

Seungho teases MBLAQ comeback from the MV set

I heard Amber singing a song with Henry: You must be logged in to post a comment. After releasing his own music, Thunder has been receiving support from his friends including IU who even promoted his album in an Instagram post, Allkpop cited. Tickets for this event are free! A towel wrapped around his neck to dry off his hair lay across his shoulders, he decided to wear his giant hooded pull over sweater and basketball shorts to sleep in.

At first I thought a fan came by the set of the drama and had left me a gift. Recent Comments. Close Working Mir from the 5 member Boy Idol Group that Rain has raised has shown the public of a picture of himself with no makeup. It —It just did really. Are they following you on twitter maybe?

September 20, Staff May 28, Tune Entertainment rep explains. Thunder aka Cheon Dung has rocked numerous bright hairstyles before. Joon stopped paying any attention to Rain as he spoke to the other member, just gathering his things as slowly as he possibly could.

Are the girls friend with EXO members? Mir, 22, looks striking with lime green contact lenses, while Lee Joon, 25, wears a collar of white feathers around his neck. Ghost Eng Sub on Dramafever! O and Joon exclaimed. Drivers employed by entertainment agencies are expected to ship their clients from point A to point B on a tight schedule.

Haters said that he must have had brain compression surgery. Archives About Store Go Premium! How often do you check your replies on twitter? Are you ever embarrassed?

30 Best MBLAQ images Lee joon, Handsome man, Korean boy bands

I think Dara deserve to be happy and beloved.. On the other hand, many idol group members see the merit in sticking with the traineeship. One of the most notorious scandals is a legal battle between the members of TVXQ, Korea's popular idol group that commands popularity across Asia, and their management agency. A man stood on the other side of the window telling him to put the window down.

But when one takes it little too far with Lee Joon, what will the others do to protect him and keep him safe?