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A year later and I still feel the same.

Tight Nosebands – Yes or No, and Why?

Now she is very willing. I do not use a bit. Now she even jumps with her ears forwards, something she never did before, and doesn't snatch her head on landing.

The only thing that would make this even better is if competitions allowed it, especially dressage as my horse has shown me himself that he can go 'on the bit' smoothly in this bridle. But I realise that a lot of riders, some of them at top level, favour tight nosebands, and they must have their own good reasons. People don't even realise it is a bitless bridle as the beta bridle looks just like an ordinary bridle. It also depends on what my plans for that horse are on a given day.

I took her out earlier this week, on a very windy day, across the top of the South Downs. I don't need to tell you that my horse took to his new bridle like a duck to water - all my expectations were exceeded.

I am completely sold on this bridle, we have competed in it all summer and have been placed at xc, sj and working hunter classes, where the bridle arouses a lot of interest. He isn't very happy about it but he is only a youngster, but at least we know that his mouth isn't being hurt now. I am very pleased with the bridle. However, from the minute we put a bit in his mouth, he over-salivated on it.

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Drop Noseband Other name: In some yards there are even signs up reminding riders in which direction to work on a particular day of the week! He constantly chews on his bit and throws his head up with the slightest contact on his bit. People also associate the highly strung or excitable horse with one that is then spooky or nappy. I now throughly enjoy riding my horse, she is so relaxed and happy.

I have just read your article and found it very interesting! Always on the search for a kinder and gentler way to work with them and I had a passion for the classical principles of dressage. I can only take this as a good sign, like he feels bonded with me.

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Depending on your horse's facial anatomy and how tightly the noseband is secured, a regular noseband on its own has some ability to prevent your horse from crossing his jaw. Schedule Of Events. To varying degrees and depending on the type and tightness of the adjustment, nosebands are supposed to help keep your horse's mouth softly closed and quiet. She went very well in it and seemed to instantly respond despite it being different to her usual full cheeked french link.

I only got the bitless for Lucy as the noseband size I needed for my other pony was out of stock but I didnt want to wait so thought I would give Lucy a go thinking that her current troubles were from her past experiences. Senior Horse Care. Consequently, the loosening of nosebands might reveal undesirable responses that could be dangerous to riders and other horse-rider combinations. It is often difficult to persuade people of the advantages of the BB, esp.

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Molly got a 1st. Definitely more control but with a lot less pressure compared to the bit as we only need to apply very light pressure to the reins to ask him to stop etc. We changed to a milder bit in case she thought it was too strong for her.

Such a pity that I didn't do it years ago! A while a go I emailed you asking for advice on whether a Dr Cooks would be suitable for my mare and I just thought you might like to know how we've got on with it. My boy, who is now rising 6 is fabulous. Tight nosebands can mask unwanted behaviour in horses, which might be indicative of either pain or deficiencies in training, or, indeed, both.

I must admit I have no worries about stopping though!! He used to turn away from the bridle when I tried to put it on and now he actually sticks his head into it.