Grandfather who hoarded hundreds of vintage Rawlplugs sells them to boss for ?1.5k

Thanks for getting us to , subscribers! BLP doesn't apply and therefore option A should continue to stand per the lack of clear consensus for any of the other options in that case. I'll put these here without analysis from myself for now. Lihaas talk But I will never forget Trolling us I guess. And it won't stop this discussion. It's also amazing and really cool. Inv1ctu5 Last Online 15 hrs, 22 mins ago. Main page What should be on Main Page?

CLUE, not bullshit. If the candidate didn't have a chance under the old system, it probably doesn't have a chance for the ticker either. I also believe it would reduce arguments here by a significant factor. The forums, where no one knew me, was a bad place to do that. In each case the articles had one sentence updates.

It helped the forums to realize the problems with post farming. I think in many cases, like Phyllis Diller's, there would be a very quick consensus for Recent Death.

Secret account BLP is the project's most important policy, or at worst the second most important policy, it is also a policy that has to be taken extremely seriously. Picture this, guys. I have no issue with Gruesome Foursome unclosing the first time — however obvious the decision was, it was really poor judgement for Luke to close having nailed his colours so strongly to the mast.

Buk-Lau Soundboard: Asian Character by Ownage Pranks

There is a wonder-drug that all schools should be prescribing Niall Moyna. Nov 22, K views. I had about posts in about a month after the incident. Then I counter that we don't make the news, and stories get posted when they happen and the article is ready. Perhaps this time something will happen, but if history is any model, nothing will change. Or a picture related to one of the other blurbs.

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It can easily be restored when it is needed again. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. And in order to work, the highlighting would have to be visually so strong that it forces the reader to really read that item first — grab their attention in order to prepare them for the image, even before they read the first entry on top.

What Will The Service Include. Make sure to stay that way. Full blurbs would still be an exceptional case, and determined by community consensus. For the sake of all that is good and holy, let's ditch the death ticker, hold a serious discussion on death nominations, because otherwise we're going to see a further dilution of the project until all that remains is a direct link to Google News. People could then vote support , oppose , or recent death and the vote with the plurality position would determine if the nom were placed on ITN, the recent death line, or rejected.